“From the first time I walked through the doors of CFCC, it has been an integral part of my life, and the life of my family.  Many of the life lessons that we employ as individuals and as a family we learned at CFCC.  This is where we learned to function as a family.  I do not know and am afraid to think of where my life and the lives of my sons would have ended up if the blessings within these walls were to have not been available to us. Sometimes a single visit with a Christ-centered counselor with the education to understand and the gift to listen to others is all that’s needed to provide insight towards the right direction.  Not a “one size fits all” but it’s one that can fit any size, problem, difficulty, issue – regardless of what it is. I appreciate everything that CFCC has done for my family. Thank you.”

– From A Family of Six

“I would like to send a note of thanks and appreciation for your caring and professional service which I have experienced at your office in the past couple of months. I had been very reluctant in considering any counseling services to help us through this very difficult grieving process but my experience with your office has been very positive from the beginning! When dark clouds overshadow our lives, our vision dims and I am so thankful for your help to part the dark clouds  so I yet again can see beyond. Thank you for helping me and my family.”

“The horses taught me how my attitude affects others.”

—Caleb, age 15

“The horses have taught me about respect and that I have a responsibility for my actions.”

–Aaron, age 13

“It is evident that the clinical organization of CFCC functions at the standard of care level for mental health organizations. The treatment process from intake, diagnosis, treatment, and termination of treatment is well organized and monitored. All clinicians are highly skilled. CFCC also gives back to the mental health profession by providing internship experiences for developing mental health professionals. CFCC is one of the best mental health organizations that I have observed in my tenure as an owner of a practice, a mental health provider, both out-patient and in-patient, and a consultant to mental health providers.”
-Larry L. Cornine, EdD, PhD