Reasons to use Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

1. It is effective

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy creates interactive sessions with horses  that allow people and professionals to “see” where the problems are and find ways to solve them. In the sessions, the focus is on doing, being active in the moment, and finding solutions that provide faster, more permanent change. It is effective for people of all ages and conditions.

2. Uncovers the REAL person, quickly

Through experiential activities, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy helps you to immediately see how groups and individuals act and react to different situations, giving professionals a clearer picture of what they need to do to help.

3. Makes the Process More Engaging

Because Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is active and effective, the process is more engaging for both professionals and the people involved. Once a horse enters the equation, everyone is instantly attentive and engaged in the process.

4. Gets People Past the Sticking Points

Everyone can hit a wall and remain stuck in old patterns and attitudes. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy can help get out of the rut and back on track.

5. Great for Individuals and Groups

Whether working with individuals or groups, the horses provide powerful opportunities to address social skills, communication issues, and other dynamics necessary for healthy, meaningful relationships.

6. Provides Real Solutions

When participating in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy everyone is excited by the process. Whether used for gaining insight, self-confidence, learning appropriate communication and relationship skills, or other issues, people find the time with the horses to be meaningful, and leading to real and long-lasting change.